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The beautiful island of Moorea.

The Tahitians are eager to show you their culture. There are many different native shows to attend. The one featured here is from the Tiki Village. The locals walk through the village explaining their different crafts and customs.

Some things that Polynesians are famous for are wood carving, flower lays, tatoos, and their wonderful shows. For more pictures of the fire dance, go here.

Many of the dancers in the shows dance for more than one place. The woman here also danced for the Moorea Village. Some even did more than one show in a day, the lunch show at Moorea Village and then the dinner show at the Tiki Village.

After the Tahitians have given their instructions and shown what they can do, the shows become a "hands-on" experience for some of the audience members.

After the show, its picture time with the performers.


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