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Welcome to Henry Aruffo's Tahiti Page.

Henry Aruffo is a geography instructor at both Hillsbourgh Community College and the University of South Florida. Mr. Aruffo has been going to the Society Islands since the early 1980's. The islands that he has visited the most have been Tahiti and Moorea. Recently, for the first time, Mr. Aruffo visited Bora Bora. Every year Mr. Aruffo takes willing (costs around $2300) students from the University of South Florida to the islands of Tahiti and Moorea. The trip is a four credit geography elective, a one week study abroad course. The knowledge gained in such a "hands on" class cannot compare to a lecture. To fully grasp the beauty and culture of the Polynesian people and the islands they live on, one must visit and experience it for themselves. The rest of this page is devoted to sharing this once in a lifetime opportunity with you. A picture of Moorea and its barrier reef, taken from above, can be seen here.

The following links will lead you on a journey to the island of your choice:



If you would like more information, email Mr. Aruffo here.

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