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The beautiful island of Moorea.

Moorea is home to some of the world's most beautiful coral. Along with the coral, the Polynesian waters are home to nearly 700 marine species. The most common are tuna, bonita, mahi mahi, marlin, broadbill swordfish, and manta rays. Also common are dolphins (bottlenose to spinner), whales (humpback to killer), and sea turtles. There are also many sharks.

Moorea has a barrier reef that surrounds the entire island. There are a few deep passes through the reef, examples would be Moorea's two bays. Due to the reef, the waves do not break on the shore of Moorea. The waves break out on the reef. The waves can get quite high and only experienced surfers should brave the reef.

This barrier reef created a lagoon that also surrounds Moorea. The lagoon is home to many more different species of fish.

More than a thousand species of tropical fish are to be found including butterfly fish, angel fish, wrasses, parrot fish, boxfish, scorpion fish, and flying fish. There is also the dangerous stone fish. The lagoons are also the daytime playing grounds for Moorea's Spinner Dolphins.


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